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Welcome To Vintage Dance
Planned for the Fall of 2023.
Dance workshops during the day.     
Evening Masquerade Ball with the Nanaimo Salon Orchestra
         These are all partner dances but singles can attend - dance!. It is not neccessary to be in a costume, but "dressing-up" can add to enjoyment. "Costume" can be from any era - including the present day!  (such as any Folk outfit, or "Regency/Jane-Austen," Victorian, Ragtime, Flapper, or a simple modern dress). Colours can be vivid or plain.Since men are often in black many ladies choose to contrast them by being coloiurful in cludin a white dress!
Contra Dancing
                 While we are not restarting our Contra Dances at this time, nevertheless some contra dances will be included in Vintage Ballroom workshops (see above).            There are regular Contra Dance and English Country Dances in Victoria and Vancouver.

Thank you to our wonderful audience at our concert at Beban Park on April 22nd.
Vintage Dance Music
Sponsored by the
Vancouver Island Vintage Dance Society
as a fundraiser for the Nanaimo Salon Orchestra

The music was played by Larry Miller (clarinet), Anatol McGinnis (violin), Gordon Pascoe (piano), Kosma Busheikin (String Bass) as
a Dance Quartet
and Guests. (info here)
To see the Programme and hear scores click here.

       We played dance music by Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini, Schubert, Josef Strauss, Heykins, Arditti, Macklin,and others, including some traditional folk music. This included dance tunes for waltz, reels, polka, mazurka, cotillion, galop, schottische, One Step and in different styles.
        Four pieces of the music were premieres of Gordon's original compositions, including a march, an aria and two waltzes.    

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